Thursday, 10 November 2011

I'm a man

Nail polish
I broke a fingernail, recently, and usually when it happens, I'll trim them all down to stumpy, and let them grow long again.. But everytime I do that, I end up with sore fingertips. So, this time, I just went stumpy with the broken one, and trimmed the others to about 4mm.. Stumpy was quite obivious, because there was no white part, so I bought some nail polish and thought I'd try the white polish to fake some white on stumpy..

How to make something real look fake.. How to make something real look fake..
Result: Stumpy (above, left, the middle finger) looks less obvious, but my natural fingernails now look fake, the white polish is smudged on most fingers (I had to go for a pee, and I was wearing jeans - that button did it..), and I've discovered that I'm probably a man.


  1. Yeah, me too. I actually tried to do a French manicure for myself a couple of times and never been able to make it look that good. :P

  2. It doesn't look good at all - webcam was just poor enough not to pick the horrid details :-#