Tuesday, 20 December 2011

New feral kitten :o

New feral kitten in the back garden
My camera was in the attic, so I had to take phone snaps from the kitchen door (as getting closer to the kitten would have scared it off). These two pictures are crops from bigger snaps, hence the poor quality..

I was making myself a cup of tea, yesterday, when I spotted this kitten in the back garden. It was nervously eating some chicken bones. D took a bowl of cat food out there, and the kitten ran off, but returned soon, barely getting a mouthful of food before Oscar (cat next door) appeared, wanting all the food for himself! =/ I tried to drag Oscar away, but he just ran back as soon as I let him go, and ate all the food.

I'm hoping to see the kitten again as I'm concerned now that I know the poor little thing is out there.. I must find myself a forest hut, so that I can let those 65+ cats move in with me.. Become a proper cat lady..

New feral kitten in the back garden

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