Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Sunday shopping with M

Santa in Dublin =)
I was on my way to Dublin, on Sunday, and this Santa was waving at everyone at Grand Canal Dock DART station =D Awesome..

Kokoro Sushi Bento - lunch with Maaria
I met up with M, and we started with lunch at Kokoro Sushi Bento. Yum. I could live on sushi..

Kokoro Sushi Bento - bento tray Kokoro Sushi Bento - miso soup
This bento tray was €9.95, I think, and miso soup was included. It was the first time I'd tried raw tuna. Very nice, but I don't think any fish will ever beat salmon, for me. I love salmon..

Btw, at this point, a little warning; if you're expecting a Christmas present from me, please stop reading / browsing about here =P I've already posted some Christmas shopping pics, in earlier entries, and I'll post a bit more, so.. Stop now!

Maud's ice cream Maud's banana & vanilla ice cream
After some shopping, we had an ice cream break at Maud's / Jervis Centre. (Mental note: two scoops is too much, and ice cream makes my throat itchy, which makes me cough.. I never remember this, afterwards! Lol..)

Snack time after shopping in Dublin
When I came home, I had more salmon.. =D

M&S shopping M&S shopping M&S shopping

Penneys shopping

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