Thursday, 26 April 2012

Nuked quickie pizza - Stello's gourmet delights..

Nuked naan 'pizza'
I first used to make these with white bread (scroll down for a picture), but then I thought of naan bread, and decided to try if it would seem a bit more 'authentic' - and it did!

I used:
Tesco garlic & coriander naan bread
Heinz ketchup
creamy garlic salad dressing with herbs
2-4 slices of German salami, shredded
Tesco sugardrop tomatoes, sliced
mild white cheddar

Generally, I've been missing some herbs (like oregano or such), but in this version, the naan bread had coriander, and the salad dressing had herbs as well, so there was no need for any more herbs.

I pretty much went with whatever I had.. You could use other tomato sauce or puré, instead of ketchup, replace the salad dressing and/or cheddar with mozzarella or other cheese, use whatever else you might like, instead of salami and tomatoes.. For example, I've been thinking of trying a tuna version, and maybe a chicken version.. I'm also going to try something with tortilla base..

This would be even nicer if you grilled it, instead of nuking it, although then it would take a little bit longer..

Just something that's a lot quicker than making or ordering a real pizza, and beats any nuked or frozen pizza I've tried.. (Although, I have to admit that I kinda like those Finnish "rubber pizzas", which are meant for nuking.. They really are like rubber, but.. When I visit Finland, I usually have one or two.. LOL)

Nuked naan 'pizza' Nuked naan 'pizza'

Below, an earlier white bread version;

Nuked bread 'pizza'

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