Friday, 11 May 2012


Godson's 2nd birthday present Godson's 2nd birthday present
I went shopping yesterday, starting with a 2nd birthday present for the godson - a number book, and a motorbike..

New cheapo jeans & driving shoes
I also got new driving shoes as I noticed that nearly all my shoes had holes on the soles.. (No wonder my socks got insta-wet, when it was rainy..) This pair was €10 at Dunnes (where I bought it all, as usual..), and I got two other pairs for €5 each. Also, cheapo jeans, trackies, and white cotton trousers. I didn't have the energy to try anything on, so I noticed later that the jeans really need a belt or something, only I don't do belts.. But the driving shoes are so comfortable!

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