Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The stop signs are there for a reason..

I was having some late night food with a friend, parked in front of Henry & Rose, when we happened to witness a crash..

Someone drove past us, totally ignoring the stop sign, and a taxi that was coming from the left (and turning left), crashed into them. There was a mighty bang, both vehicles were thrown to the right (from our point of view), and then nothing.. In a while, the taxi started smoking a lot.. Then, someone opened the door and stepped out.. Soon, there were garda cars, more taxis, ambulance, etc.. It didn't look like there were any major injuries (thank God..), but I saw a man being walked to the ambulance, and he seemed to be in shock, which is no wonder..

We'd meant to take some photos, but we ended up being stuck there for about two hours with the crash site and related vehicles blocking the roads in front of us, and we couldn't reverse or turn back as it was a one way road.. Also, my friend went to give a witness statement. I'd have gone as well, but couldn't leave the van. I'm wondering now if I should phone them up in the morning and ask if my statement is needed as well.. (Not that I saw anything more than what's in my friend's statement). Oh, apparently, no need to, since my statement wouldn't be any different.

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