Saturday, 28 July 2012

Direct links to Facebook game request feeds

If you're playing Facebook games, you may have noticed that sometimes the game requests don't show up on the feed, or various settings might affect them, etc.. With so many games relying on friends hitting your request links, or yourself hitting theirs for those rewards, it's handy to know the direct links to game request feeds. These are the request feeds for the games I'm currently playing on daily basis;

SimCity Social - The Sims Social - Hidden Chronicles

You'll see ALL game requests for those particular games, posted by yourself and your friends / game contacts. Nothing else. Extremely handy.. =)

If you're looking for a request feed link for some other Facebook game, all you need to do is to find the application number of that particular game, and replace the red part in the following URL, with it;***************


  1. How do you get the App ID? I cant seem to find this anywhere!

  2. I can't actually remember how I found them, but I think Facebook has made some big changes since then.. Anyway, this seems to work;

    Divarama (on finding the game app ID): "I found it using Chrome browser. Where the apps are listed on Facebook, I rightclicked on Sorority Life and then "Inspect Element"....and then I just scrolled down through the gobbledygook until I found "app_id" buried in a long line of numbers, and then I used the numbers after it. (you will be able to find it easier than me by using a search, I scrolled through it because I wasn't sure what exactly I was looking for, I just figured the number had to be in there somewhere)"

    I tried it just now, and it works. So, use Google Chrome browser, go to Facebook appcenter requests, and when you see the game or other app whose ID you want, right-click its name, and then click on "Inspect element"..

    It will open a code bar on the bottom of your screen.. You might need to scroll down (or up) until you see:


    (I made up that number, so it probably doesn't belong to any actual FB app, although it might.. For example, SimCity Social has this: "appid":"225496380820004" So, you just take that number and put it where all those red ******'s are, in my sample URL.)