Sunday, 29 July 2012

Fourth anniversary - and a trip to Glencree

My dad died four years ago today, and I did my annual trip to Glencree Grotto, to light some candles for him. (Well, last year it was the German cemetery as the Grotto was closed while they built new railings..)

After taking a few weeks break from driving practice (I had the cold, etc.), it was good to get back to it again. It also went surprisingly well, considering there'd been such a long break! I'm still not a fan of town traffic, and I instantly relaxed when I got out of Bray and to the country roads..

From Bray to Glencree, on

I finally learned all the settings for the windscreen wipers as well - I could barely see the mountain road around Kippure, with the heavy rain! But it was awesome =D

I'd meant to return home via Sally Gap, turning to Lough Tay & Roundwood, but then I decided to go to Laragh instead (=Glenmacnass road), get some petrol and have a coke. Couldn't really drive as fast as I would have, with all those potholes.. :o I don't have a spare tyre yet, but I should be getting it soon.

From Glencree to Laragh, on

For once, I was lucky, on the way home - I didn't get busted for speeding as the gardaí were only checking the oncoming traffic, near Roundwood! I may have been doing about 90, in an 80km/h zone..

Entering the N11 was horrible.. Loads of cars, we all had to stop just before getting to the tiny entry slip at Kilmacanogue, which is like the last thing you want.. I really didn't need that, and it made me all nervous for town traffic again, but at least Bray was really quiet at that time of a Sunday evening..

From Laragh to Bray, on


  1. So glad you are learning to drive, Stella. Freedom! Independence. Enjoyment. And the practical things you can accomplish. Not to mention, it opens up more work opportunities, if you were wanting them. (Not having a driver's licence has kept me out of some counselling positions that I wanted.) You are doing a good thing for yourself.

  2. What a beautiful place, the Grotto. thanks for sharing your video of it.

  3. The real freedom will be after passing the driving test, which I can't take until late October at the earliest.. (Can't wait!)