Tuesday, 31 July 2012

If you've always wanted to become a Martian...

Source: foxnews.com via Stella on Pinterest

Just as NASA’s latest rover prepares to land on the surface of Mars, one Dutch company is looking to up the ante, with plans to send humans to the distant red planet. But before you sign up for travels to faraway lands, you may want to take note that the trip is a one-way deal, meaning you’ll never be able to return home to Earth.

So, if you're tired of everything here on Earth.. Why not move to Mars? You'll never again have to see friends or relatives - fresh air, blue sky, weather (as you knew it), pets, normal foods, will only be distant memories.. Life will be exciting, waiting to see if your necessary supplies will get there or not.. Bliss!

Once it gets the settlement established, Mars One hopes to send a small crew that would leave Earth in December of 2022, and arrive in April of 2023.

But before a crew can go, Mars One of course need to find willing participants. The company plans to hold a worldwide “lottery”to select 40 people to join the program. This chosen 40 will spend time a specialist training facility, where they will be whittled down to a crew of 10 members.

Lansdrop made it clear that this team will go to Mars and live there for "the rest of their lives."

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