Saturday, 4 August 2012

My new friend

This kitten just appeared out of the blue, the other night, when I was taking full moon photos in the front garden.. The poor thing seemed lost and hungry, so I gave her (assuming she's female) food, she made a little round trip to the house, and eventually let me pet her and pick her up for a little while..

She was back in the morning, looking for breakfast, which she's eating on this video.. (I got some photos as well, but I haven't put them on flickr yet..)

I'd love to know if she actually has a home, or has she been target-dumped here, or what's the story.. She's young and gorgeous, and not feral (as it was so easy to get touchy feely), so if she DOESN'T have a home yet/anymore, it could be possible to find her one. Unfortunately, I can't adopt her, but I will of course look after her and give her food, if she's around..

Not so good news about Oimouttahere.. It seems that he's living his last days.. He got steroids, last night, and hopefully that will give him a little boost for a few days, but then it's time to... I don't really want to think about it! =(

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