Wednesday, 29 August 2012

This is so painful, but IMPORTANT to look at..

No one came - Now I'm gone

Spay / neuter your pets, because there are already too many 'unwanted' kittens, puppies, etc.

Rescue / adopt - don't buy.. And if you promise to adopt a pet, do it. Always, always remember this dog, who was supposed to be adopted, apparently, but 'something else came up'..

If your pets do end up having a litter, and you're giving baby pets to new homes, follow up on them. It's easy, especially nowadays when almost everyone has at least a phone camera, there are many ways to share photos and updates online for free, and so on.. Ask to see some photos, every now and then, to make sure that those pets are loved and kept well.

Do everything you can, to prevent any animal ever feeling as sad and unwanted as this poor little dog in the picture.. We can't help him anymore, but we can help other animals.


  1. So sad. I have seen this more time then I can count. Please adopt from your local animal shelter next time you want a pet.

  2. Is there any way to find out about this poor dog? where this pic was taken and where this poor pup is now? I'll take him! Adam Henry Debicki : just be sure to include text about this dog in the subject line. thank you

  3. ... this poor puppy was tagged for rescue/adoption, and the "shelter" still put it down ... then said it was all a big mistake .... I saw the story a year or two ago ... heartbreaking ..... :'(