Monday, 1 October 2012

Let there be nude photography!

Melanoma check
Today, I had an appointment at St. Vincent's University Hospital dept. of dermatology as I wanted to have my moles checked. I have lots of them - about 100, and as some of them have slightly changed, over the years, I wanted to make sure that there's no melanoma or such.

It's all good, but I got the sermon for not using sunblock.. Apparently, my skin type is the most at risk for melanoma, so I "must" use sunblock. The thing is.. I hate the stuff, and it's feckin' expensive as well. I'd rather eat than use sunblock. So, I don't see a change there..

I was also told to check my moles about once a month, for any changes.. For the back, I should take photos and check them that way. So, nude photography ahead.. (NO, I will NOT be uploading those!)

Funny thing, though.. I was measured, and I've grown taller AGAIN! :O Just last year, I think, I was measured at 179cm, whereas I'd been 178cm before that.. Today, I'm officially 180cm / 5'11"! My theory is that either the soles of my feet are getting fat, or sleeping on the hard attic floor is flattening my spine.. Or both?

Typical as well; I'm usually available for extra work at any time, but something would come up on the ONE day I had an appointment I couldn't postpone (as I'd waited for this appointment for seven months..) So, no Ice Cream Girls for Stello =(

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