Saturday, 6 October 2012

On the Lundby scale - 1:18 / 1:16 / 1:14...

I was sort of thinking that Lundby (dollhouse) would be 1:16 scale, but couldn't remember for sure.. So, I've finally googled it.. Turns out that it's 'officially' 1:18, but that would make the doors about 240cm high in real life scale, so 1:16 would actually look better, with the doors being about 215cm high, if it was a real house.. SOME stuff could even be 1:14, and look OK in a Lundby house..

I was thinking of the dolls I'm probably going to have to make as I can't find proper ones in the right size.. I'm going with 1:16, and a few mm extra height, to make them look right when compared to the door sizes, but not WAY too tall for the low part of the kitchen or the low bathroom..

The dolls are not on the top of my list of things to make, but I might do cardboard cut-outs, just to size the furniture I'll make.. I've decided to go by eye, rather than following a scale as it will end up looking better that way.

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