Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Well, I wanted to do some driving, before my driving lesson today.. I didn't have anything for breakfast as I gave away my chicken soup, and I only got money last night, so I went to Tesco, at 7am. At least I didn't have to walk, since it was a bit rainy and all.. I may have done it alone again, and I might have done some no-no parking, too..

I was just checking my notes, and I've only been out NINE times with Esmeralda, since buying her! And that includes the tiny bit today - three of those times on my own.. I just can't get enough driving practice until I'm allowed to drive on my own. I only know one person with a full licence, who lives near enough to go driving with me, but it's just not happening.

I need to get a full licence to get practice. I need practice to get a full licence.

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