Sunday, 18 November 2012

Feral cat boxes

Feral cat box Feral cat box
About a month ago, I saw very useful looking feral cat boxes on Facebook - made and sold by Community Cats Network. Unfortunately for me, they are based in Cork, which is a bit too far for collecting two cheap cat boxes..

I googled for styrofoam fish boxes, which they've used for these boxes. After all, it would be easy enough to make similar boxes. However, it seems that you can only bulk buy those fish boxes, so I had to forget that idea..

Eventually, one of the CCN people was driving to Dublin, so I agreed to collect two cat boxes from City Centre, between 10:30-11:30am today. We were in touch by text messages, and I was expecting to just collect the boxes, pay for them (€15 for the two - otherwise they're €8 each) and go, but unfortunately, L didn't have the boxes ready when I arrived, which was a bit of a nightmare as there was nowhere to stop/park, so D had to keep driving around the block as we walked to a nearby building where L's car was parked, to get the boxes.. Had I driven myself there, I would have had to just turn back and drive home without those boxes as there really was nowhere to stop! I didn't expect it to be that busy on a Sunday morning, to be honest.. (And I did expect her to have the boxes ready as she knew what time I was arriving..) Anyway, I have them now, so it's just a case of getting Ginga to discover them.

Ginga and a feral cat box
Here's Ginga and one of the cat boxes.. Ginga sometimes sleeps/shelters under the garden table, so I decided to put one box there, hoping that he would go in and find it comfy..

Feral cat box Feral cat box
I wrapped the ancient bit of rug over the box, just in case it rains in a funny angle or anything - that should offer some added protection..

Feral cat box
I must try and find some bricks or something, to put under the box to make it straight..

Ginga and a feral cat box Ginga and a feral cat box
I put some Whiskas treats in the box and in front of it, and gave Ginga his foodies near the box as well, trying to lure him in.. He's getting blind, so he goes mainly by sounds and smells nowadays..

Feral cat box
I'm really not happy with the second spot as there's rusty bike junk and other crap under the tree, so I couldn't get the box in a better position. I just tried to get it secured, so that it wouldn't fall when a cat moves inside the box. I'll work on it again and see if I could move some of that ugly junk..

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