Saturday, 17 November 2012

Natural cure for common cold

Usually, when I get a cold, it can linger for up to two or three weeks, and even then, I'll be left with the dry cough, sometimes for several months..

Some years ago, I happened to have some fresh garlic and onions, and when I felt the first signs of a cold, I decided to test some natural cold cure tricks.. At the time, I think I stuffed my socks with sliced onion, and put cloves of garlic between my toes, before I went to sleep. The following morning, there was no sign of the cold.

I've had many common colds since the one I managed to avoid, but never remembered to get garlic and onion again (while having a cold), until last Thursday..

I got a cold, last weekend, pretty much out of the blue. Between Tuesday and Thursday, I was feeling totally miserable, my nose was either blocked or running non-stop, I had no energy, I felt shivery, etc.. On Thursday, I finally got money, so I went out to buy some food. I happened to remember garlic and onion, so I bought some of each. I also bought my favourite orange juice (Tropicana with extra juicy bits) as I thought I could do with some vitamins..

As soon as I got back home, I chopped a clove of garlic in bits, and took them like pills, with the orange juice. (Tip: if you place the bits of raw garlic on the back of your tongue, you won't even taste them - I just thought I'd mention this as some people think it tastes horrible to eat raw garlic like that.. well, if you actually chew it, it does! LOL) I'd say I had about one pint of orange juice.

Here's the funny part; I wasn't planning to go to sleep as it was daytime, so I didn't feel like stuffing my socks with sliced onion.. I decided to stuff my bra with it instead! =D (In retrospect, I wish I'd used a black bra.. That white bra now has yellow onion pattern, and still smells of onions, even after a wash.. LOL)

I also placed some raw onion next to my laptop, and continued facebooking.. Oh, and I rubbed some raw onion against my neck..

Some time later, I got really tired, and decided to take a nap. I slept for a few hours, and when I woke up, I couldn't believe how much better I felt! My nose was no longer blocked or runny, breathing was much easier, and I just felt fantastic! Of course, I was also seriously stinking of onions (and probably garlic), but it was so worth it!

At some point, I replaced the onion bits with fresh onion (LOL), and I've kept taking a clove of garlic with orange juice, twice a day.

Here's something interesting; not only did my cold disappear, my lungs also feel much better in general! I find breathing much easier - usually I feel sort of semi-asthmatic as I live with two smokers, cats, and tons of dust.. I think I'll be taking garlic regularly from now on!

Unfortunately, I still haven't found anything that would kill my cough.. Asthma inhaler and time will eventually make it disappear, but there's no quick way to get rid of it. However, I keep drinking tea with honey, cinnamon, and milk - that's soothing.

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