Wednesday, 7 November 2012

It's all good! Well, maybe not ALL..

Somewhere in Temple Bar
I had an awesome day & evening, yesterday - Quirke open casting, sober pub crawl, etc..

I tried to stay up and follow the US election results, but I was too tired, and gave up at some point.. So, it was good to wake up to Obama news (Americans, you're not quite as fucked up as I thought.. LOL)

What else, what else.. It's like I had a million things to blog, but stuff happens, cats are jumpin', etc., and it's all gone out of my head, only to return after I hit Publish..

I should make an appointment about my 'face cancer' :o I found this strange bump on my jaw, yesterday - no idea how long it's been there, but having looked through my recent photos, I don't think it was there then.. Anyway, I've named it my face cancer, and I expect to have a quarter of my face chopped off and replaced with stainless steel. I shall be known as RoboStello.

Oh! Oh! My Loreen album arrived - I won it on Facebook (GCN page)

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