Friday, 2 November 2012


I bought some yarn
I have the crocheting fever again.. =D I was almost out of yarn, and I've only had various leftover bits (mainly from my mam), so my colour choices have been very.. different.. Yesterday, I went to Love to Knit, here in Bray, and bought some nice colours.. Can't wait to get started now!

I bought some yarn
That Creative Cotton Aran stuff was €1.99 each, and the Katia Memory was, hmmm, €4.95, I think.

Small bag/purse, crocheted with leftover yarn
Here's my little 'shopping bag' - I wanted a very small bag, which only takes the necessities (like my wallet, keys, phone, tissue, mirror, etc.). It's handy sometimes.. As you can see, my leftover yarn selection was.. mixed.. LOL

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