Friday, 28 December 2012

About a Boy - the Christmas miracle..

Muzakir pictures (used with permission)  Muzakir pictures (used with permission)
I was watching "About a Boy", a few hours ago, when I received a text message from Mauritius - about a boy. It was from Mala (Muzakir's mother, pictured above with Muzakir). She told me that they were already at the clinic, and Muzakir's kidney operation will take place at 2pm local time, which is at 10am Irish time.

I am extremely grateful for all the donations that made it possible! Especially the €4600 private loan from a person who wishes to remain anonymous.. Without that loan, this operation might not be happening today.. And we will keep asking for donations, to help the family pay back this loan.

As soon as I know more, I will post an update, and I will do proper updates on the collection pages as well - I just wanted to share the good news a.s.a.p.!

Please, say a prayer for Muzakir, that the operation will be successful and everything will be fine..

1:40pm (Irish time) update: Nata just received this text message from Mala; "Great news nata operation successful hugs to everyone weeping with excitement now doctor said will wait n watch between 24hrs he is in ICCU Spread the message with every donators" =D (I texted Mala right away, to save her time and phone credit before she'd send the same message to me.) So, so happy for them!!!

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