Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Christmas ruined - Rant

So.. I had all the presents wrapped in good time before Christmas Day, everyone's name was clearly written on every present, with a red marker, which could NOT be missed, and the presents were neatly organised in front of the fireplace, even so that everyone's presents were piled up separately.. On the far left, I had the presents for my godson and his family, because I'm going to their place for lunch on 27th, and I was going to bring the presents then.

Yesterday, after Christmas dinner (and washing up), we unwrapped the presents. I handed D's mother's presents to her first, we were all in the living room, and when we were done, I collected the discarded wrapping papers, took them to the recycling bag, and we all took our own presents and fecked off, except for D's mother who stayed in the living room.

Sometime in the evening, I heard D shouting downstairs, giving out to his mother, but I didn't know what it was about. Later on, I was in the kitchen, she came in with some chit-chat, but didn't say anything about this;

When she'd already gone to bed, D told me that she'd gone and opened one of my presents for my godson!

I was really pissed off, because I was SO done with wrapping presents, I'd brought all the materials up to the attic, etc.. However, I thought I might as well go and re-wrap it right away, to be done with it..

I can't even begin to describe how FUCKIN' SERIOUSLY PISSED OFF I was, when I discovered that not only had she unwrapped the present, she had also opened the toy packaging, ripping the outer packaging and then taking it to the recycling bin, as if hiding what she'd done!!!

And we're talking about a toy package where the actual toy is CLEARLY VISIBLE without even opening the box, AND it says what it is, with big text on it!!! ( When I'd bought that toy, I actually SHOWED it to her, explaining that it was for the godson, so she had SEEN it already, and could not possibly have thought that it was for HER!)

I can't now give this toy to the child, because it's been ripped open. Yes, the toy would still be playable, but it's a Christmas present for my godson, and I'm not giving him something that looks like third hand rubbish I bought for 5c from some homeless junkie who'd stolen it from a charity shop.

Oh, and she'd also unwrapped my present to my godson's parents - a box of crispy chocolates. This was also a package with a see-through part, so you could see the contents without even opening the box, AND it said what it was on the box. She still had to open that box as well. I don't even think that she'd actually HAD any, but the box now clearly looks like it has been opened (and MAYBE one chocolate taken, maybe not)... I can't possibly give it to anyone as a present. It would say "I didn't think you'd be worth a proper present, so here's an already-opened box of chocolates as I opened it and tried one, but didn't like them, so I thought I'd give the rest for you as a Christmas present.." My friends mean more to me than that.

I will want money for a new toy, new box of chocolates, and a new roll of wrapping paper.

(I also want the criminal's head in a bag, so I can play footie with it..)

Also, instead of being able to relax and get ready, on Thursday morning, I now need to get up really early, rush to the shops, get back home, wrap the presents again, and rush to their place for lunch. I - hate - rushed - mornings - like - that.

I am so fuckin' angry that I'm actually shaking, and I've even had a bottle of vino.

If I hadn't been sipping all this vino, I'd probably have ripped my way through her locked bedroom door, pulled her out of bed, ripped her skin off in 1cm threads, rubbed salt in the wounds, dipped her in acid (reminder: buy acid), tarred and feathered her..

*Just a little bit annoyed, in case you can't tell...*

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