Monday, 14 January 2013

Tullamore (& Kilbeggan) yesterday

I had the best day (mainly) in Tullamore, yesterday! I'd never been there before, and now there isn't a road or even a small lane I wouldn't have visited, either on foot or on wheels, except for some housing estates! LOL The same pretty much goes for Kilbeggan as well. Would have done Birr, too, but I had limited time as the last train back was at 8pm.

I actually started by getting new shoes (or rather, ankle boots) from the Bridge Centre Dunnes. I needed something less summery as my canvas flats were already glued back together, and weren't the best thing for January.. I am a man: scanned the shelves once, found the pair, tried it on, bought it. €18.

Then, my husband Paddy (haha!) took me for a walking tour, before we had an audition at the Central Hotel. I really liked this square, and actually loved the whole town. Bray is such a kip, and doesn't even have a market square or anything.. Every town should have a market square! A town without one, is like a town without a heart.

I was very lazy with the proper camera, mainly just taking these phone snaps and Facebooking some of them on the spot.. Must go back someday, and spend a few days walking around and taking pictures. Lots of lovely old buildings, etc..

The audition went much better than I'd expected, but my accent will probably be an issue.. Still, I'd never before done an audition with lines, so I'm happy with the first one, even if I won't get anything from it.

After the audition, the Tullamore tour continued on wheels, and we actually went to Kilbeggan as well, although it was already dark! =D I could see the old distillery, though, and it was beautiful.

Eventually, it was time to return to Bray. Oh, I almost forgot to mention, that I also lost my Luas virginity during this trip! =D I took the Luas red line from Busáras to Heuston, and again from Heuston to, this time, Abbey Street, and I'm glad that I decided to hop out there and walk to Tara Street, instead of Busáras & Connolly, because the Dart was just arriving, and I'd never had made that one from Connolly, so I saved myself at least 12 minutes there.

With all the travelling (and not forgetting the brisk walking in Tullamore), I'm cramping all over the place, but the trip was so worth it! =)

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