Saturday, 12 January 2013

Quick Muzakir update

Muzakir is doing well, and Mala has just told me that he will be discharged from hospital tomorrow!

I have a list of donations that have gone through since I shared the previous list, I just haven't had a chance to make it ready to be shared yet (meaning, I'll be adding EUR / USD amounts as Mala sends the lists in Mauritian Rupees, and I'll also hide all names to protect the privacy of people who have made donations - if they have mentioned their donations in public comments or by private messages, I will notify them in the same method, about their donation having gone through).

As it happens, I'm quite busy tonight as well, preparing for tomorrow, and I'll be in Tullamore tomorrow, so I won't have the time to update Muzakir pages until on Monday at the earliest. I just wanted to post something before that.

Also, I'd like to remind everyone that although the operation was done and Muzakir is feeling fine now, the family is still very much in debt, because of the operation. I would love it if people could help them at least to pay back that €4000 loan from the anonymous person whose last minute loan made the operation possible. I know that the person behind it is not someone wealthy who 'could afford' to write off that much money, so it was an incredibly generous gesture of them to temporarily let go of their savings to help a little child, and I know that Mala is very stressed about being able to pay it back, so please, please, please, help them by making a donation.

Mala will still have to stay at home with Muzakir, so only her husband is able to work, at the moment, and they have a big family, so there really isn't anything left to pay back a loan, which is why our help is so important.

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