Thursday, 3 January 2013

Working on the Muzakir pages

Muzakir pictures (used with permission)
The Muzakir pages (in English / suomeksi) have become quite messy, with lots of updates here and there.. I am doing a quick update today, just to get the most recent info out there, but with striking out stuff that is no longer relevant, etc., it's becoming such a mess that I'm going to need to do a clean-up on the pages, soon.

I'm just mentioning this now, because all that outdated info is still there, so if anyone wants to save it for whatever reason, you'd better do it right now. I might just make a regular blog entry with all the older updates I'm going to remove from that page, though, because I would like to still have the stuff available somewhere, just to keep it all out in the open. But lots of it has to be removed from the pages as they are just too messy now. I also need to update the printable pages with current info.

Briefly: The operation was a success, Muzakir's recovery seems good so far, and we are still keeping the collection going, because the family needs to pay back a private interest free loan of €4000. (Yes, only €4000! It was originally €4600, but the person who granted the loan and wishes to remain anonymous, very generously decided to want only €4000 of it back.) So, although we got our Christmas miracle, and Muzakir had his operation, I am still hoping that people would make donations to help the family pay back this loan. They simply can't manage it without our help.

I haven't been able to post a newer list of donations received so far, because Mala is understandably spending all her time in hospital with Muzakir, and therefore hasn't been able to access her email or go to the bank. Obviously, Muzakir's recovery and wellbeing are the most important issues here, so I don't want to rush Mala about anything else. More updates will be posted, eventually!

Breezy - As we discussed over text messages, this morning, there was a class 2 cyclone in force in Mauritius;

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