Sunday, 28 April 2013

Jen's plant update =)

In the back garden..
Almost a week without blogging! :o (While the futon has made sleeping more comfortable, it's made typing extremely uncomfortable as the IKEA storage box I'm using as my laptop table, is now much too low, and it's killing my back to be using the laptop in general, and especially when I'm typing. I do have a USB keyboard plugged in, too, but there's no comfy way of using that, either. This should change soon as I'll be collecting a second hand coffee table from Ashford, on Monday..)

Anyway, about Jen's plant.. =) It is, of course, the plant I got from my crafty friend Jen, when she moved back to Canada, years ago! It had been her indoor plant, and I had it in the kitchen for a couple of years, but it has been doing so much better since I planted it in the back garden - it's in the back, in the above photo, the tallest plant. When it was indoors, all the leaves had white parts on them, and some of the newer growth still has that (see the lower parts of it), but most of the new growth is just green. I find that interesting! It is just one plant, but it looks like two totally different plants.

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