Sunday, 28 April 2013

Oimo update

Oimo    Oimo
I've been posting occasional status & mobile snap updates about Oimo (and the other cats) on Facebook, but I think it's been a while since I blogged about him / them.

I think it's been over a year now, since Oimo was given "a few days", by two different vets - and I really agreed with them as Oimo was not well at all.. However, he's still here! =D

He's obviously not healthy, but the tumour does not seem to be painful as Oimo is still clearly enjoying life. He eats all the time, he especially loves the milk and egg mix from my penne dish (which is another reason why I try to make it every week..), and he occasionally has trouble pooping, but now he seems to have a daily routine again as he usually returns from the garden with a happy post-poop trot.. =) He continues raiding the fridge at night, unless there's some heavy stuff blocking the door.. We considered getting a child lock, but it seemed somehow unfair as Oimo wouldn't understand that there's a lock, and he'd keep trying to open the door, wondering why it's not happening. It's not the end of the world, if he sometimes drags out some sausages, or a chicken that's meant for the Sunday dinner..

Oimo is quite skinny, but with a big tummy. He does rest a lot, but it's nothing like the constant resting, about a year ago, when he wanted to do stuff, but he was too weak, and he was bored out of his mind.. Now, he gets alert every time someone goes to the kitchen, and usually jumps down from the table (which is his current favourite nap spot), to go and ask for treats.. He usually gets them, too.. =)

He won't drink cold / cool / room temperature water at all, it needs to be warm, so he gets warm water many times a day, which he has no trouble drinking. I sometimes give him a little bit of milk, to which I add just enough boiling water, to make it about body temperature warm, and he enjoys that. (I know that cow's milk is generally not good for cats, but Oimo enjoys it, and doesn't have that much of it, so whatever makes him happy, at this point..)

By the way, Oimo and Thatsit will be 15 years old tomorrow! They were born on 29th April 1998, in Salthill, Galway. A litter of four, one of the kittens was either stillborn, or died soon after birth, and unfortunately, Ayecarumba, their brother, got away - I will never forgive myself for putting a human friendship first.. I should have been a bitch, and just kept Ayecarumba, who had been promised to a child, who then changed her mind and got another kitten, who got pregnant way too soon.. I hope that the little spoiled cunt (referring to the human!) has a crappy life, and her parents deserve an even crappier life. (Yes, I do love cats THAT much.)

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