Monday, 8 April 2013

NCT today

Esmeralda @ NCT
Esmeralda had the NCT today.. (I gave her a manual wash, in the morning..)

Esmeralda @ NCT     Esmeralda @ NCT
Bad news: she failed.

Good news: it was just the left side indicator bulb that needs to be replaced - when one of the back indicator bulbs went, it changed the sound when indicating, so I noticed it right away, but this side one didn't change the sound, so I hadn't noticed! Once I've replaced the bulb, I don't even have to book a re-test, I can just take Esmeralda there anytime (within the given time frame) for a visual check, and I won't have to pay anything for it, which is a relief, because I'm pretty skint, after my trip to Finland, dental night guard (which I'm getting on Wednesday), new battery for Esmeralda, and the NCT..

I bought two indicator bulbs, on the way home (thinking I might as well replace them both), but that lamp assembly is feckin' impossible to remove :o The manual says to just pull it forward, but there's no way you can do that without using some tools, and the best I had was a screwdriver, which can almost get it on one side, but I'm afraid to force it, in case I break it.. (I was afraid to pull the back ones out as well, but at least they did snap out without any tools.. Not the case with this side yoke..) I checked if it would be possible to push them out from under the bonnet, but it wasn't =/ I'd be pissed off if I had to pay for someone else to do it, though, so I haven't given up yet. I have a certain kitchen utensil that could be customised for a perfect tool, if only I could find it.. Hmmmm..

New battery for Esmeralda
Here's Esmeralda's new battery, which I bought on Friday. €60.

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