Monday, 15 April 2013

SimCity Social (and The Sims Social?) shutting down in June =/

SimCity Social - my city
I am SO disappointed.. When I launched SimCity Social today (a Facebook game, in case someone didn't know), there was a note about the game being shut down on 14th June. Here's my FB post with the link.

I have been playing it since beta, and it's still my favourite game. I have two lots left to buy on the main city map, and I've bought all lots on the island. It was always my plan, that when I'd maxed both maps, I'd wipe them clear and re-build everything, making it really pretty and all..

Now I probably won't have the time for that as it'll still take a while to make enough game money to buy the remaining lots, and after that.. why bother?

SimCity Social - my island
These first two pictures are yesterday's screenshots of my city (first picture) and island (second picture). I will end this with Grumpy Cat;

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