Tuesday, 14 May 2013

ESC first semi-final - well done, Ireland!

Above, my Facebook comments to the first semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest, tonight. If it's blurry to read here, follow this link to read it on Facebook - it's a public post =)

Ryan Dolan & the Irish team, did a brilliant job, and totally deserved their place in the grand final! (Also, I'm so happy about them drawing the second half, and hopefully they'll be in the very end of it...)

As I couldn't vote for Ireland, I voted for The Netherlands, which was my second favourite in the first semi. It was getting scary when there was only one final ticket left, and The Netherlands and Montenegro, were still without a place.. Luckily, Anouk got her place, but I'm disappointed for Montenegro as I would really have liked to see their Igranka in the final as well! It's not my kind of music in general, but I've become to really like it, as a bit of fun, and something quite catchy.

But the main thing is that Ireland is in the final!!! =D

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