Thursday, 16 May 2013

ESC second semi-final

Quoting from my second semi-final topic on Facebook;

1, Latvia ... Boy band does Prodigy Rock Me Amadeus.. feels too long..
2, San Marino ... My favourite <3
3, F.Y.R. Macedonia ... Typical ESC job, kill me now.. too much in one song..
4, Azerbaijan ... Boring ballad.. I'd take a nap, but might stay awake for the eye candy..
5, Finland ... Crappy song, but good show =D
6, Malta ... Nice, summery pop song.. The beginning reminds me of Israel Kamakawiwo'ole..
7, Bulgaria ... A bit of an earworm.. kinda annoying, kinda likeable..
8, Iceland ... Typical ESC ballad, but nice..
9, Greece ... Greek Madness.. a bit of energy, anyway..
10, Israel ... Quite boring..
11, Armenia ... Another typical ESC job.. Yawn..
12, Hungary ... Interesting, and the more I hear it, the more I like it..
13, Norway ... Totally over-hyped..
14, Albania ... Exotic rock, with some Nordman in the beginning.. Melikes.
15, Georgia ... Über-boring.. Wake me up when it's over..
16, Switzerland ... I like this, and they have a dishy bloke.. ;-)
17, Romania ... Cezar The Voice!!! <3

My personal wish list would have been: San Marino, Romania, Albania, Switzerland, Malta, Finland, Norway, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary ... Although, after watching the second semi-final, I probably would have swapped Albania and Switzerland (as in, just fine tuning the order of my Top 10), and I'd have dropped Greece, and replaced it with Iceland, making my final wish list like this: San Marino, Romania, Switzerland, Albania, Malta, Finland, Norway, Bulgaria, Iceland, Hungary.

These countries actually made it to the final: Hungary, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Romania, Norway, Iceland, Armenia, Finland, Malta, Greece.

I am extremely disappointed for San Marino! It was my second favourite in the whole ESC, this year (after Ireland!), and they didn't make it to the final =(

I'm also disappointed for Switzerland and Albania, and pleasantly surprised for Hungary as I didn't expect them to get to the final, but they did! I think their song is a bit of a sleeper, like Divine in 2008..

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