Saturday, 18 May 2013

Eurovision Song Contest final, tonight!

VOTE for IRELAND tonight - #26
Not having seen the actual final performances yet, I can't comment on them, obviously.. But based on semi-final performances, and preview videos (for the countries who didn't have to qualify), here are my comments on the songs;

1. France ... I mainly like this song - it's a bit like French Amy Winehouse, at times.. However, the end gets a bit manic, and by the time it's (finally) over, you're sort of out of breath..

2. Lithuania ... Not that their song is bad, but it gives me that "Groundhog Day" feeling, of watching the same ESC, year after year after year.. Always with a young fella, singing how he wants to tell you something, or such..

3. Moldova ... I'll just imagine I'm watching Futurama.. The mad hair and dress, are the only things you'll remember of this particular song..

4. Finland ... Very poor song, but it doesn't really matter as Krista does such a great show =D I just feel sorry for them, for getting such a crappy spot tonight =/ This'll wake you up!

5. Spain ... The beginning sounds more Irish than Spanish.. It's a nice song when it (finally) gets going.

6. Belgium ... Oh, this is the "if Mike Flowers Pops was a serious act", with the dreadful dancers.. Close your eyes when they start, and the song will sound much better.

7. Estonia ... Very pleasant retro ESC song..

8. Belarus ... These cunts had circus animals on their postcard, and their song was shyte. They shouldn't even be in the final. Good time to take a toilet break.

9. Malta ... Nice and summery pop song, which I'll be listening during the summer =)

10. Russia ... Another retro ESC song, which was quite nice as well.

11. Germany ... When I first heard this, I was disappointed as it didn't seem nearly as catchy as some other Cascada songs I'd heard, but having since heard it a few more times, and occasionally had it as an earworm, I've become to quite like this one as well.

12. Armenia ... It's not a bad song, but I classify it as ESC boredom.. It just seems kind of pointless, having been done, and done again, and again..

13. The Netherlands ... One of my favourites, this year! It's like something artsy from the 60's, and this is definitely something I'll be listening, even when I've long since forgotten that I first heard it in the ESC! =D Also, Anouk's voice is perfect for this.

14. Romania ... Another favourite! Actually, Cezar is my #2, right after Ireland.. You absolutely MUST love Cezar! =D Since I can't be voting for Ireland, I'll be voting for Cezar.

15. United Kingdom ... As much as I like Bonnie Tyler, I find this country ballad really boring.. Having heard it a few times now, I like it a little bit more than I did, at first, but still.. Sorry - it's a yawn..

16. Sweden ... It's like watching Big Time Rush on Nickelodeon.. Catchy product pop, with a cute kid. I have a feeling that this might be on the radio, during the summer, possibly getting annoying soon..

17. Hungary ... One of my favourites, which has been on my mindPlayer a lot.. This might go Divine..

18. Denmark ... Apparently, this will win the ESC.. However, I'd find that extremely disappointing as this is really just a Shakira copy.. It IS good, but it's a Shakira copy.

19. Iceland ... This is probably the strongest ballad, this year. I'm not into ballads, in general, but I have to admit that this is a good one, and I'm liking it more and more..

20. Azerbaijan ... I find this song incredibly boring, but I'm so not having a pee break here as I'd be missing the eye candy =P

21. Greece ... It's like traditional Greek music meets Madness (meets free alcohol).. It's definitely full of energy, and different from the others, but the lyrics are just so stupid, that it feels much too long, and gets very annoying before it's over..

22. Ukraine ... This is such a calculated ESC product, that it's mainly just annoying..

23. Italy ... Another ballad.. I just find it quite boring.

24. Norway ... Different, but much over-hyped..

25. Georgia ... This duet is so massively boring, that this would be a perfect time for a pee break - but make it real quick, so you won't miss the next song, which is...

26. IRELAND ... Genuinely, my favourite, this year! Good luck, Ryan!


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