Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Mama's big boy..

Oimo on the porch, in August 2012
I had this photo on Facebook, but I only uploaded it to Flickr a few hours ago..

This was taken on 23rd August 2012, when Oimo had already had his post-steroids "miracle cure", which gave us that extra year..

He is SO himself, in this picture! I just wanted to blog this as looking at him in this photo, almost makes me feel like I'm with him again..

He was so intelligent, so interested in everything.. He was much more intelligent than most people I have ever met. He was always exploring things, trying to figure out how everything worked - often successfully.. He would get frustrated with not having thumbs, and not being able to communicate with a human language..

It's so hard to accept that he's not here anymore..

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