Tuesday, 28 May 2013

So many things will never be the same..

Oimo & licky licky
I miss Oimo sleeping on my lap, licking the inside of my arm, then putting his nose against the moist spot, and sleeping again.. I think it somehow reminded him of being a kitten..

Oimo even likes it with no meat
I miss sharing my food with Oimo..

Oimo playing with the car
I miss seeing Oimo destroy Emma's antenna.. Dr-r-r-r-r!

Oimo and Aztec crafts
I miss Oimo assisting with crafts, etc..

First snaps with my new camera..
I miss our Vulcan Mind Meld moments..

Oimo had helped himself to the fridge again.. He never closes the door..
I miss going to the kitchen at night, or early in the morning, to discover that someone had been bold again, and left the fridge door wide open.. Maybe some sausages on the floor, or a whole chicken..

Kitchen Inspector
I miss my little Kitchen Inspector..

Oimo & Thatsit lazy-wrestling..
I miss the rare moments when Thatsit would allow Oimo to sort of play with her - until she'd have a hissy fit..

Oimo plays footie with a tennis ball
I miss Oimo playing in the garden..

I miss Oimo ruling the neighbourhood..

And a million other things, with Oimo..

Ginga & Oimo in the garden
Ginga and Oimo in the garden.. Ginga and Oimo are now forever sleeping in that same garden, and it's nice to know that they can stay in a place where they always liked to play. I so miss them both!

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