Monday, 27 May 2013

RIP Oimouttahere ( 29/4/1998 - 27/5/2013 )

Oimouttahere ... 29/4/1998 - 27/5/2013 ... RIP
Oimo was unable to get comfortable enough to sleep, last night, so we decided to call for the vet, first thing in the morning..

Oimo was put to sleep at home, and I held him and whispered to him as he went to sleep for the last time.. As sad as it was, it was a huge relief for him to get free from pain, and for me to feel him finally relax..

Oimouttahere ... 29/4/1998 - 27/5/2013 ... RIP    Oimouttahere ... 29/4/1998 - 27/5/2013 ... RIP
As Oimo was our "Batman" (due to his alert ears), I gave him the Italian crochet Batman finger puppet, with a long letter, and some of Mama's hair - he always tried to eat my hair, ever since he was a kitten.. I cut a little bit of his hair for me to keep..

Oimouttahere ... 29/4/1998 - 27/5/2013 ... RIP
While D dug a grave in the rainy back garden, I cleaned Oimo's face, wrapped him in two soft pillow cases (hugging his letter and Batman), and held him for one last time..

Oimouttahere ... 29/4/1998 - 27/5/2013 ... RIP
He's buried under the red fuchsia flower, near Jen's plant..

I want to plant some pretty flowers on his grave..

Fly free, my Biggins..

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