Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Come back, sun!

LIDL sunflower, €2.99
I haven't been blogging in a week as I was enjoying the (rare!) SUMMER while it lasted. Usually, I don't see much daylight as there's no window / skylight in the attic, and I'm nearly always in the attic.. So, it was nice to sleep on the lawn while gently roasting in the sun..

But yesterday was rainy again, and the rain could continue for who knows how long.. I'm just hoping that we'll get some more sunny days, this summer!

Penne dish in the garden    Egg wrap
I'm having a food crisis as I'm about to bin most of my latest penne dish.. =( I've been making a varied version of it on most weeks as it's cheap and I still love it, and it's food for several days (as no one else in this house eats pasta). But with the recent sunny weather, I just couldn't make myself eat that many warm meals, and you can't exactly freeze pasta.. So, as much as I hate wasting food, I'm afraid the penne dish is no longer edible, so it needs to be binned =/

Sunday lunch

Two screens
I now have a big screen in the attic as they got a new TV for the living room. I still can't watch TV, though, because there are no analogue channels anymore =( I can't afford to get a box for the Saorview. (I can watch The Big Bang Theory downstairs, though, which is enough for my telly needs, really..)

Sheldon <3

Thatsit in the garden - grooming session

Pretty tree    T-shirts

Oscar    Pushy


Thatsit    Oscar
Thatsit and Oscar were watching our photo session =)

I got some photos printed (locally, not online) on Monday, and it was actually nice to get larger prints with better quality.. I've usually printed my own photos with Epson PictureMate, which does good quality with the original Epson cartridge and paper, but I haven't found those in any shops in a long time, so I've been using the Tesco version, which just doesn't do the same quality prints.. (I know you could probably still get the Epson stuff online, but that's not always an option for me..) Also, my photo printer is out of ink now, and I didn't want to buy a new cartridge just for a handful of photos.. Anyway, I really like the larger prints, except for the usual problem, that some of the standard size photo area is always left out of the print - I can't believe that they still haven't managed to perfectly synchronise camera & print standards.. When I prepare photos for printing, I perfect the use of the picture area - I don't want any of it cropped by some printing software.. I have made templates for Epson PictureMate printing, so that when I print two photos per (postcard size) sheet, everything gets printed, and I get white borders for it as well. It takes more work while editing the photos as I need to create separate versions for printing, but the result is exactly as I want it, which is nice. Unfortunately, I can't do such tweaking when getting shop prints, but I still think that I'll be getting some more shop prints as those would be nice to send to my parents, for example.

Tractor    Cheapo shopping
I had my sun brain on while shopping, on Monday.. I bought €2 BBQ tongs, then forgot to buy food for the BBQ =D Well, maybe there will be more sunny days.. (The tractor was for my godson.)

Thatsit - grooming session

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