Friday, 21 June 2013

Cruel people :o

I have been following a page called Crazy Cat Ladies Unite, on Facebook. They post lots of good cat pictures, jokes, information, etc..

Today, I saw them post a picture of a humiliated cat, with wooden clothes pegs attached to its ears. (See it above - the original picture wasn't bigger than that.)

Having actually tried what it feels like, to attach a wooden clothes peg to my earlobe, I happen to know that it fuckin' hurts. And even if it didn't cause actual pain, there is no reason to do that to a defenseless animal - it's humiliating.

I didn't expect that the page owner would have shared such picture out of cruelty - I just assumed that they were being thoughtless, and probably hadn't tried what it actually feels like..

I posted the following comment:

That's cruel :( 

I didn't think more of it, at the time, but later on, I saw them post something that I was going to Like, only there was no option to Like it. I immediately guessed what had happened..

I went to check the clothes peg picture, and indeed, my comment had been removed, and I was no longer allowed to Like or Comment anything on that page!

PMS much?!? :O

I am very disappointed with the owner of that page.

My comment didn't offend anyone, didn't criticise anyone, just pointed out that it's cruel to attach clothes pegs on cat's ears - because it is.

Instead of taking the poor animal's side, the admin decided to remove the comment that was defending the cat, and block further comments from the person who would always take the animal's side, against cruelty.

I was also quite appalled by other comments under that picture.. Their general thinking seems to be, that "if it's not as bad as some REALLY horrible animal cruelty, then it's not cruel at all, and you people need to calm down".. (Yes, go and have a look..)

Just because it's not "cruel enough" to make you puke, it's still cruel!

If you find it entertaining to attach clothes pegs to an animal's ears, get a stuffed animal.

As I don't really want to follow FB pages where Liking or Commenting is impossible, I have selected to Unlike that page, and stop following it. At least there are lots of other cat related pages, where they actually put animals first and allow the animals to have the dignity they deserve.

(Screenshot from my FB page)

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