Sunday, 16 June 2013

Hot stuff, with LIDL chili peppers

Cute chili peppers
I bought this selection of hot chili peppers, on Thursday, but didn't dare to try them until Friday evening as I didn't know exactly HOW hot they'd be, and I didn't want any awkward surprises at work.. =D

Making mystery chili pepper hot stuff    Making mystery chili pepper hot stuff

Making mystery chili pepper hot stuff    Making mystery chili pepper hot stuff
Well.. On Friday evening, I started with a blob of natural yogurt, the smallest of the tiny red peppers, and a gherkin. I thought, if the pepper was to be incredibly hot, the yogurt should bring it down a bit.

I chopped the pepper and the gherkin, and added them to the yogurt. It clearly needed more stuff, so I thought I'd add a vine tomato. I didn't want it all watery, so I scooped out the pips, and ate them, just chopping the solid parts of the tomato and adding to the yogurt based mix. At this point, I had a tiny bit of tomato, which had touched the spot of the counter where I'd earlier chopped the chili pepper, and WHOA!, my mouth was on fire! =D So, I found that the pepper was, in fact, incredibly hot... I also chopped some onion to the yogurt mix.

I had tortilla wraps and two chicken breast fillets in the fridge, and I thought I'd fry the breast fillets with some onion, then make spicy hot wraps with some lettuce, fried chicken, and the hot peppery yogurt mix.. But with the pepper being THAT hot, I decided to add it to my chicken and onion mix, saving me from seasoning that separately, and then I'd just add some lettuce to my wraps.

Hot stuff - the yogurt mix, added to fried onions and chicken breast fillet bits

Hot stuff wrap    Hot stuff wrap (with some yogurt blobs as it was HOT..)
After the first wrap, I was totally burning, but at the same time, it was really good! I like the kind of proper hot flavour, which doesn't kill other flavours. However, when I had the second wrap, I decided to add blobs of natural yogurt (and drink some milk first), because I thought otherwise I might either have a heart attack or the runs.. LOL

Hot stuff wrap - day 2
On the following day, I made two more wraps with the leftovers. Somehow, it didn't seem quite as hot, this time, and I added some fresh vine tomato and blobs of mayonnaise, and the lettuce, of course. Very nice..

Now, I still have the rest of those peppers, and as I fried all my beef mince with fajita mix, earlier on (to freeze most of it for quick meals when I feel like it), I don't know what to do with the peppers!

I might try making something similar to Giardiniera, and just add whole peppers as they'd be kind of "lethal" if chopped.. =) Or, I might use some for spicy hot omelettes or such!


  1. Hi Stella,
    thought I would say come over here and say hello after your visit to my I have a couple of little pepper plants. If I manage not to kill them I will try some of your ideas - the wraps you did looks great if hot!
    All the best, Grace.

    1. Hi Grace, and thanks for your comment =)

      I'll keep an eye on your blog, hoping to see a pepper update, someday! (And good luck with that future meadow as well!)