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LIDL car first aid kit    LIDL car first aid kit

LIDL car first aid kit    LIDL car first aid kit
Since my last Routebuilder / driving update, I've done two shopping trips to Greystones LIDL (2 x this route), where I usually get enough food for a week.

On Thursday, I bought something I'd planned on getting for a long time, but never seemed to have the money for it - a car first aid kit (photos above). They had them at LIDL for just €6.99, which is a lot cheaper than what I've seen anywhere else! It's the proper stuff, too. I remember reading a Finnish article where they compared various first aid kits, and the winning one was actually very similar to this kit, if not identical.

LIDL freezer boxes    LIDL freezer boxes
I bought a 3-pack of 0,5L containers as well, which are suitable for freezing food. (-40C - +100C) I've sometimes used old take-away boxes for freezing food, but they tend to be too big for one portion, and it's difficult to cut a chunk out of a frozen brick, at least without breaking the box..

However, back to driving - and some other stuff..

On Wednesday, I was offered an extra day on "Love, Rosie", with the work being on Friday, but I needed to go for a fitting on Thursday, which was the following day (of the phone call). I was happy with that, but almost all my clothes were waiting for a laundry day, and I was asked to bring lots of my own clothes as they'd pick my costume out of those.. Sooo.. Two loads of washing, and it had to be a rainy day, of course.. I'll get back to this, after some driving related stress.. =P

My first pay & display ticket =D
My fitting was at Sandyford Industrial Estate, which is (well, was) a totally unfamiliar area for me. Not accessible by DART, either - by a bus, perhaps, but the thought of dragging lots of (still dampish) clothes on a bus, and maybe having to walk a lot as well, was just too much.. Sooo.. I realised that I'd just have to drive there..

I needed to be there at 5pm, which was another bummer as that's kind of rush hour time.. *gulp* At first, I thought I'd go via Enniskerry & Stepaside, but since I wasn't sure how long that would take me, I decided to take the N11. (My route here) I just have to say: Thank God for Google Street View.. =) It really helped, having checked out parts of the route virtually, before actually going there. Still, I was a nervous wreck..

Above, a picture of my very first pay & display ticket =D I'd checked the studios on Google Street View, and their parking lot was blocked with concrete yokes, with some of that area being under construction when the Google car was around.. So, I decided to find alternative parking (while on Google Street View).. There would have been a small parking lot for free parking up to 2h, but it seemed to be a bit of a walk from the place.. I noticed that two nearby roads had pay & display spots, though, and I decided to check out one of them first, and then go to the parking lot, if there was no space. I did find a spot, though! I was there about 30 minutes before my fitting appt., and I decided to pay for 2h parking, in case I'd need to wait around or something.. Well, eventually, it didn't take long at all - I was out of there ten minutes before my appt.! Then I was kind of pissed off, having spent €2 on parking, lol.. (Turned out that those concrete yokes were long gone as well, so I COULD have just driven to their own parking lot, hmmm..)

And now, back to the clothes & fitting.. I'd taken a full bag of clothes, I got there, I was asked in to the fitting room.. They went: "I like what you're wearing, can you wear that tomorrow?" !!!!! Not even a look at all the clothes I'd brought! LOL (Oh well, at least all my clothes are clean now..)

I couldn't face the N11 again, so I decided to drive home via Stepaside & Enniskerry (route here). Great choice! Although, getting out of the industrial estate was a pain.. I knew where to go, so that wasn't the problem, but the rush hour traffic was at its worst, and I even hate Bray town traffic during the day, so this was a complete nightmare for me.. Also, once I'd gotten around The Beacon, to Blackthorn Drive, I found myself on a lane that was leading to the M50.. (I'm still on the learner permit, so I'm not allowed on motorways.) I probably would have been just fine, staying on that lane and risking it to take the M50, but it wasn't where I wanted to go, so I managed to change lanes (probably making some people shout insults at me, in their cars..), and got to the quiet route I wanted. Phew.

I knew that I'd have to go to the same place again, the next day, but at least it'd be early morning, before the morning rush hour.. Also, we were to have free parking at Holly Avenue parking lot.

Parking lot snaps (I was early & bored, lol)    Parking lot snaps (I was early & bored, lol)

Parking lot snaps (I was early & bored, lol)    Parking lot snaps (I was early & bored, lol)
I took the same (N11) route to Sandyford, than the day before, but it was SO much nicer in the early morning! (Also, I had a Topaz stop in Bray, to get some air for my right back tyre, and some petrol as well.) Here's today's route - this time, I put it all on one, unlike yesterday, which was divided between two links..

I'd checked out the parking lot on Google Street View, so had no trouble finding it. I was quite early, and looking at the usual NCPS semi-threatening pay & display signs, I was wondering if we were supposed to pay for a ticket, or what, because no one had asked for my registration number or anything, so how on earth would they know whose car was with the film, and whose wasn't?!? So, I made a phone call. They didn't actually know, so they made a phone call, and then got back to me. I didn't need to pay, but a fella arrived to bring me a ticket to display;

Parking lot snaps (I was early & bored, lol)
Also, the parking lot man wanted us all parked at the back wall. I was already nearby, so I just reversed there. I didn't like him fine-tuning my parking, though. I mean, yes, I was going to check that I was parked properly, but to come and give me some feckin' blonde instructions ("turn your wheel to the right", etc.) when I'm not even there, is not appreciated. Just tell me where you want me to go, and I'll go there, but don't fuckin' come and treat me like I'm some bimbo, FFS.

There was a shuttle bus for us, to take us to the studios, which was a nice surprise. Not that it was far from the place, but still..

The hair guy was from Estonia =D I got the same plait I always seem to get, for extra work.. (For period stuff, they just make it messy. This was obviously a modern thing, though.)


After costume, hair & makeup, we were taken to location @ UCD. Most of the time, we were just sitting around on hospital beds, waiting.. It was comfy, and lots of fun as well, because the ward was full of fake patients (not a part of the film, they were there for teaching purposes), which were like life size & realistic weight dolls.. Kinda creepy =D There was an 80's Michael Jackson with boobs, etc.. Crew members had fun with the dollies, which was fun to follow. (Not like that, you perv!)

Most of the time, I was chatting with M, whom I hadn't met before, and we ended up being on the same scene, too. Just the one scene, and that was it for us. Above, just a few snaps from the shuttle bus as we were leaving the place.

We were signed out at 12:30pm, so it was a short day! =D No shuttle bus to the parking lot, though, because they were still needed at the location, for the crew. But the weather was still good, and it wasn't that much of a walk, so it was all good.

Yay, a bit of work!    Holly Avenue parking lot
In the morning, there was breakfast, but I wasn't really hungry, so I just had a croissant and a coffee, and a slice of watermelon.. About an hour later, I could have managed a bigger breakfast.. As we wrapped so early, there was no lunch for us, but luckily, I'd packed a sambo and a wrap, and some juice - in a bag that I'd left at the studios, though! But I had a sambo in the car, before I drove home, so that kept me going.

I took the Stepaside / Enniskerry route again, and although the industrial estate was still very busy, my driving was smoother, this time, and I wasn't quite as nervous.

I was hoping for the sunny weather to last longer, but after Kilternan, it started to drizzle, and when I got to Bray, it was raining =( Bleh..

I took a looong nap, and later on, found out that I got the part-time job I was hoping to get! =D Absolutely awesome!!! Like, it's home based, it's not much, and I've no idea how much it'll pay, but it's better than nothing =) Also, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that there might be another day on "Love, Rosie", but we'll see what happens..

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