Monday, 26 August 2013

I bought a LIDL tablet - GoClever TAB R70

I just happened to notice, last night, that LIDL were going to sell €99.99 tablets, starting from today.

As I knew that this kind of stuff would be pretty much instantly gone, I thought I'd go and buy one, first thing in the morning.

I was at LIDL Greystones at 8:01am. There were only two women before me, who also bought a tablet! Apparently, they only had six left, after the two we bought, so had I left it a bit later, I might have no tablet now.. (I'll be heading to Newtownmountkennedy as well, this morning, and I'd thought of going to LIDL after that.. I probably still will as I bought no food yet, but at least I got my tablet!!!)

I haven't played with it yet - it's charging =)

PS, As I've noticed that this entry has been read quite often, I'll add this link to my other entry, with some comments on actually using the tablet. I'm very happy with it!


  1. did your tablet turn on when charging first time or did you have to wait a while?

    1. (Crap, my reply comment disappeared, so this will be shorter..)

      I think I let it charge for a few minutes before switching it on, and all was fine.

      Also, the one disappointment is that you can't get rid of the pre-installed stuff.. I'd love to remove Angry Birds and some other stuff that I'll never use, but I can't =/

    2. hi i bought one too and really like it-how did u fit the keyboard to it or am i being thick?? Mine came without a charger in box tho box was sealed and am using a Nokia phone charger! emailed Lidls as bought in Stillorgan but I am now living in Spain!

    3. Aiveen, there's a fixed cable inside the keyboard/covers, which plugs in to the tablet.

      You could contact Lidl Ireland on Facebook, about the missing charger.

    4. Anonymous12:11 pm

      I bought a Go Clever Tablet 7oL in LIDL before XMAS 2013 99.99e had trouble switching on, would take several presses to get it to come on. Now it will not come on at all. It is fully charged. Jim.

    5. Jim, I'd take it back to LIDL. If you have the receipt, I'm pretty sure they'll sort it. (Not sure if you'll be able to get a new tablet, though - I guess that depends on if they still have any.. But at least you should get a refund, if it's not working.)