Sunday, 25 August 2013

IKEA roombox

It took me two days, but my temporary IKEA roombox is now almost finished, so I can share some photos.. (I have plans for the hanging lights, but I need to buy some materials.. Also, there are enough lights left, for another room downstairs..)

The wallpapers are misc. scrapbooking papers - I didn't have enough of any pattern, for more than one wall.. The back wall is foam core, and there's about an inch of space behind it, between that and another wall, which I made of a pizza box lid.. On the further back wall, I have a LIDL brochure picture for an Irish landscape view - I've created fake daylight with Christmas lights, and it really does look like you're actually looking out through a window. There's no window "glass" as I had no suitable material, and it probably would have been a dust trap, anyway..Window frame is balsa wood.

The ceiling light system is another pizza box lid (Four Star Pizza), which I've covered with adhesive "chrome" or "steel".. It was a nightmare to get it up there, though! Hot glue didn't work, superglue didn't work, so I ended up using balsa wood supports in the back - hot glued to the walls, and not that pretty.. The front part is held up with blu tack!

All furniture, and two rugs, are from IKEA - I have two mini furniture sets.

The plant is meant for an aquarium (I bought it in Dún Laoghaire, probably about ten years ago..) The skateboard and glasses are from K (see my previous entry), the plane on top of the bookshelf, is from a Kinder egg, and there are also two Moomin characters, and a little decorative bell..

I'll take some doll pictures, later on - I don't want to disturb Thatsit, who sleeps between myself and the doll box..

I've thought about putting a fake door on the left wall, and taking out that second green table.. Or, maybe spiral stairs that could be attached to the front of the "house", when the glass door is open.. Hmmm.. We'll see..

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