Sunday, 25 August 2013

Mini post from Finland

I meant to blog this sooner, but I keep getting distracted.. =)

I got some mini post from Finland, on Tuesday. K had shared pictures of her mini room, and I just loved the laundry basket.. As I happen to know the area where she lives, I knew she was within walking distance from the shop where she had bought the basket. So, I asked if she could buy me one, if I'd send her the money for it. She agreed to do it (woohoo!), and when I checked the shop website, I found that they had a "buy two get one free" deal. So, I said I could buy two baskets, and K could have the third one for herself, as a little something for shopping on my behalf =) She got me a green and a blue basket, which were the colours I had wished for - pink would have been an option as well, but I'm not really into pink stuff.

K also asked me if I'd be interested in a mini wheelie bin as she was going to buy herself one. I said yes! I love it! And, she'd included some surprises as well - a skateboard, and four glasses! =D

In case anyone wants to know - these are not 1:12 scale. I'm not actually sure what the scale is, but I'll be using these with my IKEA mini furniture, so it's probably something like 1:8.. My fashion dolls are 1:6, but they are just a little bit too large for this stuff, yet I'm still going to use them for some photos with all this stuff, later on..

Even the parcel was pretty =) *Kiitos, K*

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