Friday, 30 August 2013

Killing time, in the morning

Killing time in hospital, waiting for the doctor to come back
I had an early appt. at St. Vincent's Hospital, today, and this time I felt confident enough to actually drive there. I managed to park on Nutley Lane (=cheaper than hospital parking), but didn't have that much change. Anyway, I had enough to pay for parking until 10:12am, and as my appt. was at 8:30am, I thought that would be plenty.

I still had a bit of time before the appt., so I went to the nearby Tesco and got some sushi for breakfast, thinking I'd eat it after my appt. (Got some more change, too..)

Killing time in hospital, waiting for the doctor to come back    Killing time in hospital, waiting for the doctor to come back

Killing time in hospital, waiting for the doctor to come back    Killing time in hospital, waiting for the doctor to come back
Well.. The doctor was on time (which was surprising as usually they keep you waiting..), but then he needed to talk to the clinic boss, which was supposed to take a few minutes.. However, the clinic boss must have been busy as I ended up waiting in the room for an hour! I was glad to have the tablet, so I could entertain myself by pulling faces on the crappy cam, etc. =D (I briefly went on Facebook as well, but the hospital guest connection was über-crappy..) I even ate some of my sushi while waiting, because I was so hungry that I started feeling dizzy..

Eventually, my parking time was almost up, so I went and told the doctor that I couldn't afford to get clamped, and I'd have to go and pay for some more time.. I could see that he wasn't impressed, but he just said OK.

The clinic was in a building on the opposite side of the hospital area, to where I'd parked, so it took me a while to walk to my car. As I didn't feel like walking back again, and since I'd found that the building actually had its own (paid) parking lot, I decided to drive there. Luckily, I didn't have to stay for much longer, so having parked for under 20 minutes, it was free! =)

There were some quality drivers around, though.. First, some lady had stopped her car right behind mine, on the parking lot, blocking my way out - she seemed to panic when she realised that I was about to leave.. Then, when I reversed out from my spot, I was so close to the barrier and in such angle, that I needed to reverse a bit further, to then drive close enough to the yoke where you put in the ticket.. But some cunt didn't allow me the space to do that, forcing me to approach the barrier in a way that forced me to actually get out of the car to put my ticket in! [grumpy]I hope that cunt crashed, later..[/grumpy] And, there had to be a third idiot - just when I'd gotten through the barrier gate, some blonde had stopped her car right there, blocking the whole exit from the parking lot!!! She was obviously waiting for some elderly man who was slooowly making his way to that car.. She then copped on, and had to move her car just enough to let people leave the parking lot, but still forcing people to drive around her car through the opposite lane, if turning left (like I was).. And all those people had full driving licences - I don't know how..

Sushi    Sushi
As soon as I got home (just after 11am), I ate the rest of my Oishii Sushi, mmmm.. And then I relaxed in the garden, playing with the tablet & taking naps..

Resting in the garden, after a busy morning    Playing ESC (wind machine) with real breeze =P
I woke up at some point, feeling cold.. It had gone all cloudy =/ Still, it was nice to get to sleep on the lawn again. It had felt as if the summer was already over, but today was all summery again.

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