Friday 30 August 2013

Surprise sketch!

My FB friend, Jean Wilcox, surprised me with this brilliant sketch!
One of my Facebook friends, Jean Wilcox is an artist, whose sketches I have been admiring online. She often shares photos of work in progress, and it's really exciting to follow the process. You might see one piece coming from an idea to finish, in just one day - Jean is not only good, she also works fast!

So, earlier on, I was watching telly downstairs, playing with my tablet at the same time.. Imagine my surprise, when Jean had posted this awesome sketch (above) on my timeline - she'd based it on my tablet snap I'd uploaded only yesterday afternoon! =D

Left: my tablet snap, Right: sketch by Jean Wilcox
I'm sharing her work with her permission =)

I really love the sketch! Thanks, Jean!

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