Thursday, 7 November 2013

Gorgeous cat's eye by Jean

Jean A Wilcox art (shared with permission)

My Facebook friend, Jean Wilcox (who made the lovely surprise sketch of me) gave me permission to share more of her work - admire the cat's eye! =D

She also shared a making-of picture, below;

Jean A Wilcox art (shared with permission)

I've linked her name to her personal profile, but you can also find her art on her Facebook page; Jeans Pencil Art.

If you're looking for Christmas present ideas, how about some pencil art of your family? Pet? Car? Garden? She's good, and her pricing is affordable! (It would be a good idea to contact her soonish, to make sure that she'll have the time to get your stuff ready for Christmas - also, she lives in the USA, so allow enough time for shipping as well, and if you want to get the piece framed, you'll have to get that done separately.)

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