Sunday, 3 November 2013

My GoClever TAB R70 tablet froze again..

GoClever TAB R70 tablet occasionally freezing

03112013 ... My cheapo tablet occasionally freezes, and won't reset / shut off, until the battery dies. The right side of it (as in, the side with the buttons and all) also gets very warm (but not hot) when it happens. Just thought I'd show it on video - I wonder if it's happening to others who have this same tablet? Other than this, it's been very good for that price - better than I expected.

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I bought a LIDL tablet - GoClever TAB R70


  1. They are advertising this tablet in the December brochure. Did you manage to get rid of "Angry Birds" and the other junkware that came pre-installed?

    You mentioned this in an earlier post

    Does the keyboard work well or is it superfluous? I've not tried a tablet, being used to laptops, so having something with a keyboard sounds like a good idea. Is this true, do you think?

    1. No, you can't get rid of the pre-installed stuff, unfortunately.

      I've found the keyboard very handy - obviously, it's small, so it's not THAT comfortable to use, but comparing to the virtual keyboard, the external one is fantastic.