Wednesday, 1 January 2014

The first day of 2014

I must have watched four or five Miss Marple films today (Joan Hickson - my favourite Miss Marple), and then some New Tricks. I was waiting for someone who didn't show up.

I'd meant to make a seafood pizza, but my Sri Lankan friends gave me so much foodies, yesterday, that I didn't need to cook anything today! =D I love that rice "with everything"..

I'd drooled for this sewing kit, before Christmas, and Maaria gave it to me! I love it.. I had also bought a sewing kit from LIDL, which has sewing machine needles as well, so I put some of that stuff in this box. (My life is so exciting! LOL..)

Poor Thatsit.. Those leg sores aren't getting better in home care, with her moving about too much, etc. So, she'll be hospitalised tomorrow, maybe for 2-3 weeks (!!!), having daily dressing changes by veterinary nurses, and having to rest as there won't be anything else for her to do..

I feel horrible about this, but it's what her vet recommends as the best option for her, and I agree with him. I have considered euthanasia, but other than the leg problems, she is perfectly fine, and still enjoys life, so we'll at least try the long hospitalisation, and see if the sores will get better.

Unfortunately, her leg position (on the back legs) won't be improving - the only way to do that, would be surgery, and that road would just be cruel in her age (nearly 16), with uncertain results, too.. However, if we can get those sores to heal, she will be absolutely fine with padded sock tubes.

She can take her favourite blanket with her, so she'll have something comfy that smells of home. Obviously, I'd love to visit her all the time, but I'm going to do whatever the vet recommends, and visiting all the time would probably be a worse option than maybe just visiting once a week or so. (I can't not visit at all, during such a long time, though - I don't want Thatsit to feel dumped!)

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