Sunday, 9 April 2017

Looking for safe and loving forever home/s for the Drumree cats

As I'll be moving to Bray with Cara and Cuddles, this summer, I can no longer feed the Drumree cats, or provide winter shelter. I don't want to dump them as I do love them a lot, so I am trying to find safe and loving forever homes for them.

Little Mami (pic: top row, middle) has been spayed and microchipped.  (Before and after that, she spent two days in the house with myself and my indoor cats - she immediately understood how to use the litter tray, and had no issues with the other cats.)

RuaRua and Scáth (pic: bottom row) are now about 6-7 months old, and will need spaying/neutering (I think, Scáth is female, but I don't know about RuaRua) - I would like them to be homed together.

GinGin (pic: top row, left, with RuaRua behind him) was Little Mami's first kitten, and is now a fully grown male. He will need neutering.

Hansom (pic: top row, right) is the daddy to all Little Mami's kittens, and will need neutering. He is an older cat, and may have some hip issues, although he is able to run and climb without any trouble.

Alternatively: If anyone has a safe rural, or semi-rural place where the cats could be relocated as a family, and where they would have shelter, and regular feeding, please let me know! (In this case, I may be able to arrange spaying/neutering.)

Home check will be required, so I will not just give these lovely cats to whoever wants them. I need to know that they will be safe, fed and loved. (Extra points, if you'll be able to share occasional updates on how they are doing in their new home/s..)

Please email me, if you can help:


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