Friday, 9 September 2011

It'd be almost funny if it wasn't so frustrating..

(Read this first, then this, if you haven't already..)

OK.. Today, I went to Wicklow Town, having checked and double-checked that I'd have all the necessary documents for my learner permit application.

The Wicklow County Council motor taxation office was almost empty. My queue number was 12, and they were serving #9 already! I didn't have to wait for long, and when it was my turn, it all seemed to go smoothly.. until.. "Do you have any particular reason why you need a Medical Report?" ... "No....?" ... "This Eyesight report form is outdated.. But we can use the eyesight question on the Medical report form.." ... "Ok.." ... (She disappeared to some room in the back, then returned..) "Sorry, we can't actually use the eyesight question on the Medical report, and this Eyesight report form is outdated, so we can't accept this application." ... "What? But those are the forms I got from my GP.." (just last week, btw.) ... "Sorry.."

So, because my GP had given me an Eyesight report form, which would have been accepted prior to January 2011, but not since, my application could not be accepted today, and I'd made a whole wasted trip to Wicklow Town.


I came back to Bray, and went straight to Carlton Clinic, to get the Eyesight report sorted. My GP was just with a patient, so the receptionist asked me to leave the papers in, and they'd phone me when I could collect them - on the same day, though. I'd made it to Eglinton Road, when she phoned me to say that it was sorted, so I turned back. Exercise, eh..

I started to put the documents together to post them to Wicklow - the lady at the motor taxation office actually gave me a "business reply" envelope, so I wouldn't have to pay for postage, but it's too small and I can't fold the laminated Theory Test Certificate.. I was thinking of registering it, anyway, because I was going to send the fee in cash, but I think I'll be going to Wicklow again on Monday, so I'd rather do it in person.

I wonder, what'll go wrong on Monday?


  1. what can I say ... I know.
    Just queued to one of the Offices for 45 minutes on the phone to ask what paperwork I need with me on Monday. Not actually even queued as they do not have that option, but dialed the number again and again and again. The lady finally answered at 15:59 (the office is closing 16:00) and she told me to come in person and they will tell me what papers I need...
    Good luck on Monday!

  2. Sounds typical.. I was venting about this to D's mam, and she was also totally disgusted, and said that it's like that in every single office, all over the country, and it's ridiculous.. I have to agree.