Monday, 7 May 2012

More on Blogger to Google+ profile change

I changed my Blogger profile to Google+, in mid-December 2011. In addition to what I blogged about it back then, I'd like to mention one issue that really, REALLY annoys me;

Now, whenever I leave a comment in any Blogger blog, it's posted with my full name, instead of the nickname I've used online since the mid-90's.

It's not that I'd want to hide my full name, I've displayed it on my sites ever since I made my first site in 1996, but when you post some light blog comment (especially where most other people do so under various nicknames), posting it under your full name kinda makes you feel like a tax inspector (or such).. Also, many of my virtual friends recognise me by my nickname, but might not even know my full name, so it could appear slightly creepy to post a comment in their blog under a name that doesn't ring any bell to them..

So, there should be an option to post blog comments under your original Blogger nickname!

- Stello

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