Friday, 30 September 2011

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You Are Sympathetic Joy
You are a simply happy person. You choose to be content, and you take pleasure from the smallest things.
You especially find joy in the happiness of others. You believe that happiness is contagious.
You are not an envious or jealous person. In fact, you believe those emotions are toxic.
You find a lot of joy in life's simple pleasures. Something as small as a sunny day can lift your spirits.
You Are a Creative Worker
You are a very personally expressive person, especially outside of work. Your individuality matters to you.
You draw a lot of inspiration and energy from your own internal world. You get bored easily around other people.
You are confident and competent. You tend to not make mistakes, and you trust your judgment.
You are down to earth and practical. You achieve success one step at a time, by paying attention to details.
You Are Wild at Heart
You are secretly a rebel. You need space and freedom to do things your own way.
You're the perfect combination of uniqueness and quality. You're able to relate to all sorts of people.
You truly enjoy life, and you like to take time to savor it. You hate to feel rushed.
You look for the best explanation or solution, and you go with that. Your mind is uncluttered and free of stress.
Your True Passion is Leadership
You feel most alive when you are bringing out the best in people. It brings out the best in you in return.
You love to teach others and guide them. You are very patient. Giving back is important to you.
You want to make the world a better place, and you know you can't do it alone. You need a team supporting you.
For you, there's nothing more satisfying than a group of people working toward a common goal. Especially if you're leading that group.
Your Career Type: Artistic
You are expressive, original, and independent.
Your talents lie in your artistic abilities: creative writing, drama, crafts, music, or art.
You would make an excellent:
Actor - Art Teacher - Book Editor
Clothes Designer - Comedian - Composer
Dancer - DJ - Graphic Designer
Illustrator - Musician - Sculptor
The worst career options for your are conventional careers, like bank teller or secretary.
You Paint the World with Deep Colors
You are a true individual. You are very unique.
Your friends can count on you to be expressive. You're never at a loss for words.
You are a truly warm person ... though sometimes you can be a bit selfish.
You are keyed into your emotions and easily moved. You are quite sensitive.

Poetic time

At Lough Tay / Wicklow Mountains A year in
 a shifted

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Goldie's Theme

Goldie's Theme, from Water Rats (Australian TV series 1996-2001)..

This song always makes me sad and rips my heart, but I still really, really love it.

I love Water Rats, too. I've seen most episodes about three times, and that series had to have the best ever characters in any TV show or movie. They were just SO real.. And the episodes often included stuff that wasn't necessary to the plot, but made all the difference to how well you learned to know the characters - for example, Goldie and Frank (and later, Goldie and Jack) having a chat, and maybe a beer, after work.. Hard to explain, really - you had to see it.

Someday, I'd love to get all six seasons on DVD.

Five years on Facebook

I was playing with my Facebook timeline, last Friday, and checked some of my oldest posts there. I found this (see the picture). So, I've been on Facebook for five years today. In the early days, I found it extremely boring, though, because it wasn't full of entertaining games and other apps, and only a handful of my friends were there, at the time. Nowadays.. Another story!

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

It Has Arrived

Got my learner permit Got my learner permit
Finally - the learner permit! =D

This means that I can now book official driving lessons.. =P

Got my learner permit Got my learner permit

Age crisis :o

Only one month left, in my thirties.. OMG!

Monday, 26 September 2011 / eBay Ireland - does it even exist, really?


I've been a member of eBay Ireland since 25th July 2004 (according to my profile), but as I haven't had money or a credit card, I haven't bought or sold anything. I originally signed up to sell something, but discovered that you actually needed a credit card to set up a seller account, so no luck there.

Well, my situation is a little bit different, nowadays, so I thought I'd give it a go again, since there's something I want to sell.

I started with reading all their selling info first, reopened & verified my PayPal account, etc. I'd taken good pictures of the item(s) I wanted to sell (='goody bag' of papercraft materials), I'd packed it all ready to be posted, should someone actually want to buy it, and I'd found postage fees to Ireland and abroad. I was ready to list my first item(s).

The Selling Basics page seemed the best way to start with, so there I went, and clicked on the Seller's Account link first, thinking it might be handy to set it up first, before listing anything. However, the link just goes to their Help page about setting up a seller's account, so there's no actual link to DO it.

I returned to the Selling Basics page, and went with the Sell page link.

This seemed fine. I spent a long time on finding the correct category for my listing, thinking of a good title, making sure I'd describe it clearly and thoroughly, including all the important info, selecting the best general photo of the stuff, mentioning that I could be contacted for more photos (seeing as only the first photo is free, and you need to pay 15c for additional photos - if my goody bag was worth more, it wouldn't be a problem, but I didn't want to blow the whole potential price on adding extra photos of a cheap listing)..

Everything looked fine on the preview, so I submitted my listing.

I was then asked to set up a seller's account, and told that I'd only have to do it once. (This suggested to me, that you'd actually need to list something first, to even get the option to set up that seller's account?)

OK, no problem, I thought. I went with the process, entered my debitcard info for the seller fees, and then I was asked for my phone number, so that they could send me a 4 digit number that I would then need to enter somewhere for verification.

This was where I remembered having a similar problem on their site before.

And there it was again.

eBay Ireland had thrown me to the international / American eBay, at some point - probably when asking me to set up a seller account.

Because I was trying to enter an Irish phone number, the site wasn't accepting it, and I could not get through the process of setting up a seller's account. I do not have an American phone number - I live in Ireland.

Now, I know that there are lots of people in Ireland, selling stuff on eBay, through ... So, it HAD TO be possible to set a seller's account on, I thought, and went looking for customer support.

I must have hit the support button on the American eBay (still being on the seller's account set up pages, where the Irish version had thrown me), since I ended up in live support chat with an American support person, James.

He tried his best, but the fact is that he was on, and my issue was with, so eventually, all he could do was to suggest that I log in to the Irish version and contact their support.

Well, that's what I did, but guess what - there is no Customer Support on / eBay Ireland.

Yes, they do have a Customer Support button on top right, but that just takes you to the help pages where you'll find good instructions on what you need to do (like, "set up a seller's account"), but no links to where you could DO it.

There's also a Contact Us button, I was relieved to find out, but when you click on it, you'll actually find yourself on / eBay UK!

You're then asked to log in to eBay UK, but as I'm not a  member there, and there's no reason why I'd want to become a member there (not living in the UK), I couldn't go any further, and now there seems to be no one to even ask about this issue.

So, what I'm wondering here, is.. Does even exist? I mean, do they employ anyone at all, in Ireland? Trying to set up a seller's account, takes you to the American eBay.. Trying to contact eBay Ireland, takes you to eBay UK..

If anyone has actually managed to set up a seller's account on eBay Ireland, would you please leave a comment and tell me how you managed to do it? (Mainly, since it looks like the only way to do it is through the American version, how did you get past that phone number verification???)

Also, after all this, I actually discovered that my item listing is gone. Probably because I wasn't able to set up that seller's account. Not even a draft anywhere to be found.. Nice.. All that time and effort, for nothing.

I'm going to explore the PayPal options next, so I could maybe sell the craft materials through my blog or Facebook, and just sort payment over PayPal (now that I've verified that, after all), but I'm sort of determined to set up that eBay thing, anyway, so I'm not giving up on it just yet..

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Natural and Unpretentious Crock Pot

You Are Natural and Unpretentious
You are a calm and peaceful person. There isn't much in this world that makes you angry.
You are reliable and faithful. You can be counted on, even in the worst of times.
You can't help but wear your heart on your sleeve. You choose to see your sensitivity as a gift.
You give everyone you meet the benefit of the doubt. You think people are basically good.

You Are a Crock Pot
You are slow paced and steady. You don't rush to be the first to get anything done.
You know that good things come to those who wait. You are willing to sit back and watch it all unfold.
You are community minded. You try to pitch in and help wherever you are needed.
The smallest and most boring things in life make you the most content. Your happiness is not complicated.


Hysterical Hysteria!

I wanna see this movie! LMAO

Friday, 23 September 2011

Stupid bearded carjacking cunt in Delgany

Not happy with some bearded cunt at the pictured place (above) in Delgany, earlier on today. (NOT the guy in the photo, btw! It was an older man, with almost white beard.)

We were going to the Classic Motorcycles, which is behind the buildings you see in the photo, but some idiot had blocked the way there - and the idiot seemed to be the bearded cunt, actually..

Above; #1, The pink X is for Classic Motorcycles, and the pink line shows the way there..

#2, We were in the "blue" car, the idiot had blocked the way with the "red" car, and there was a smaller, "yellow" car, parked, with L plates on. (Not the actual colours of the cars, just to clearly represent them on the map..) So, as D was only going to collect something, which would take a minute, he left the car there - after all, if the red car had blocked the way for anyone trying to get past, they could certainly live with being blocked for a few minutes. (You'd think..)

#3, As soon as D had walked around the corner (I was waiting in the car), the bearded cunt came out and moved his "red" car, parking it where he should have parked it in the first place, behind the "yellow" car..

#4, Soon after, the bearded cunt came to D's car, opened the door, and sat on the driver's seat, without even saying anything to me! I asked him, "What are you doing?!", and he said he was moving the car as it's blocking the way. WHAT A FUCKIN' CUNT!!! I told him that we wouldn't even be there, if the other car (=his car!) hadn't blocked the way to where we were going, but the cunt just gave me attitude.

For starters, I don't generally like people, anyway, so I'm NOT happy about some fuckin' idiot violating my space like that. Also, he knew where the owner of the car was (=just around the corner), so he could, and SHOULD have gone and asked HIM to move his car - he had NO RIGHT to just hop in and start driving! That's a carjacking. Carjacking is a crime.

Besides, that stupid cunt couldn't even park! He left the car all arseways. I have about 15-20 minutes of driving experience, at this point, but I'd have parked it better, FFS.

New lap record, etc.

[driving 0's & 8's around a long and narrow parking lot, with 10-15 minutes of driving experience..]
You're driving a bit fast..
So, how do you do a handbrake turn?
You're going to find out soon, if you keep driving this fast.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011


You Are Steady
You hold yourself accountable for your actions. In the end, you have to live with yourself.
You need your alone time to introspect and recharge. Being around other people can be draining for you.
You are a slow and critical thinker. You think through every step carefully.
You are efficient and precise. You like to get down to business.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

WigCam Stello

Webcam + €6 wig = endless fun
I went shopping today, and just meant to get some folders and such, from a cheapo shop, but then I saw this €6 wig.. OMG.. I can never not buy a cheap wig, if I have the money, sooo.. I've been having loads of fun with the webcam again!

Webcam + €6 wig = endless fun Webcam + €6 wig = endless fun

Webcam + €6 wig = endless fun Webcam + €6 wig = endless fun

Webcam + €6 wig = endless fun

Webcam + €6 wig = endless fun Webcam + €6 wig = endless fun

Webcam + €6 wig = endless fun
Attitude, with & without text (see below..)

Webcam + €6 wig = endless fun Webcam + €6 wig = endless fun

Webcam + €6 wig = endless fun

Alive and Energetic - 35% Sloth

You Are Alive and Energetic
You are most comfortable when you are mixing things up a little bit. You like novelty in small doses.
You prefer to leave some things to chance. The world is a mysterious place, and you like to embrace the unknown.
You have no trouble finding contentment wherever you are in life. You are happy in the now.
You believe that if you look closely enough at people, they all have their own unique beauty.

Your Sloth Quotient: 35%
You're a little lazy, but normally you're a very energetic and motivated person.
Don't beat yourself up over a little laziness every now and then. You do need your downtime!

Energetic Dreamer

You Are An Energetic Dreamer
You are always dreaming up new ideas, and your mind is always on fire.
You don't let an idea sit in your mind for too long. You try it out, even if it seems impossible.
You are brave and bold. You are willing to take a leap before anyone else does.
You are able to get people excited about your ideas and on board with implementing them. You are a great motivator.

Rustic House

You Should Live in a Rustic House
You are a traditional person with old fashioned values. And you're only looking to impress yourself.
You think it's important to have as comfortable a home as possible. You want to feel cozy.
You are in touch with nature, and you appreciate a beautiful view.
You appreciate the simple, basic things in life. You can be happy just from seeing it snow.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Simple is beautiful

You Are Unique Because You're Wise
Unlike most people, you've got many of the secrets to life figured out.
You don't try to complicate things that don't need to be complicated. You keep it simple when possible.
You are rare in that you are able to enjoy an average, ordinary day. You don't have much to complain about.
Like a snowflake falling down to the ground, you are quiet and peaceful. You are happy to just be.

Testing times :-#

You Are Somewhat Loyal
You are loyal when it makes sense to be, but you don't go overboard with loyalty.
You're all about second chances, but if someone or something screws up enough - you're out of there.
You have a clear and fair sense of the world. You aren't necessarily going to side with someone just because they are close to you.
Right and wrong mean more to you than personal alliances. Justice trumps loyalty for you.

Your Sleeping Position Says You Need Peace
You are calm and rational person with a good deal of balance in your life.
Friends consider you to be kind, caring, and truly loyal.
You are easy going and trusting. However, you are too sensible to fall for mind games.
Open to the world, you are not afraid to be yourself.
If you don't get enough sleep, you are: Able to cope
It's hard to sleep next to you because: You're a bed hog

I'm not a bed hog. (I don't even have a bed, in fact.)

Your Love Element Is Water
In love, you connect deeply and commit totally.
For you, love is all about taking risks and moving into unknown territory.
You attract others with courage and confidence.
Your flirting style is defined by your flexibility and ability to adapt.
Nurturing and shared learning are the cornerstones of your love life.
And while you may jump in to love too quickly, you always come out the wiser for it.
You connect best with: Metal
Avoid: Earth
You And another Water element: will pull each other down into a dark place


You Are Cheerful and Colorful
No matter what the occasion, you feel like celebrating. It's always time for cake, and it's always time for a party.
You are a true entertainer. You love to bring a large crowd together - the bigger the bash, the better!
You indulge in every little treat or reward that comes your way. You don't believe in restraint or guilt.
Your taste can be a bit decadent, but you also remember that you only live once. You don't skip or scrimp on dessert.

I don't like crowds, I rarely attend parties, I'm on my own, most of the time, but I'll have that cake, thank you.

Sunday, 18 September 2011


The Unexpected Makes You Happy
You are the type of person who is good at everything you do. You are competent in many arenas.
You are bored by routine. You need some whimsy in your life to stay happy.
You are happiest when you appreciate what you have. Gratitude serves you well.
You find delight in so many things when you are open to them. It's not hard to make you happy.

Cats & foodies

Ginga, Pushy & Oscar Ginga, Pushy & Oscar
It's funny how the cats can actually watch me give them all the same food, yet they still need to do the rounds and inspect every single bowl, as if to make sure that no one's getting anything nicer, or more of it.. (Thatsit & Oimo do this as well.) Also, while eating, they'll occasionally stop at the same time, look at each other, and then continue eating..

Oimo observes..

Oimo likes to keep an eye on things, so his favourite spot is on the table downstairs. He can follow everything important from that spot, and if anyone goes to the kitchen, he can get there in no time at all..

Things you realise while playing The Sims Social

Getting there..