Tuesday, 22 November 2016

IKEA lights for kitchen

I had a set of IKEA Ledberg (white) lights, loitering on the coffee table..

But now they have finally found their place - I put them up in the previously dark corner of the kitchen, and I'm really happy with them!

While at it, I also cleared some counter space in the "coffee corner".. As you can see, there's not much counter space, in general.. (That's me as a window reflection - hello!)

Lots of light, even when the ceiling light is off =)

Here's one taken from the stairs.. Funny light stripes.. Oh, and see Cara, at the food bowl ♥

Friday, 18 November 2016


Thursday, 17 November 2016

I got a parcel - again =)

Parcel πŸ’ž #moomins

Moomin mugs.. ♥

Parcel πŸ’ž

Grey top, socks, and a book..

Parcel πŸ’ž

Rye bread and chocolate..

Parcel πŸ’ž

Advent calendar, Christmas magazine, and a poster (rolled)..

Parcel πŸ’ž #Taika

More Taika dishes.. ♥

Parcel πŸ’ž

Oven mitts, towels, pouch, and a candle glass..

I'm not really into putting up any Christmas decorations in November, but it's a cat picture... 😁

It's only mid-November, and I'm not usually into putting up Christmas decorations this early, but the poster is a cat picture, so.. =D

Finnish rye bread with tuna, mayo and scallions πŸ˜ƒ

Finnish rye bread with tuna, mayo, and scallions..

Cheapo Irish #coffee > instant coffee and #whiskey πŸ˜€ #moomins

I meant to go shopping today, but didn't have the energy.. I'm really low on milk, so instead of tea, I decided to have a cheapo Irish coffee - instant coffee & whiskey =D (In one of the new Moomin mugs..)

The first signs of Christmas...... 😱

I have some tealights on, and I'll be browsing the Christmas magazine, after tonight's MasterChef Australia..

Finally, something I'd like to study - just in the wrong country

Homer Simpson philosophy offered at University of Glasgow 

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Lovely birthday party, yesterday

I was at my friend's son's birthday party, yesterday - he's 2.

M (my friend) made this lovely tractor cake, and I helped by melting and mixing the chocolate and butter =D It looked awesome, and it was really tasty as well.

There were lots of family and friends - some I had met before, some I met for the first time. It was a really enjoyable day and evening.

I had driven the route from my place to their place a number of times. It's a really straight route, on the map, but mostly typical Irish country roads, so anything but straight when you're actually driving..

However, I had never actually taken the same route home as I'd always continued to Bray (via Naas, Blessington, and Wicklow Mountains), spent the evening there, and taken the M50 home, later.

Soooo.. It was a really good idea to take that route for the first time, in the dark.. =D

Going there, I've always had Google directions on the phone, just in case.. But it wasn't connecting, yesterday. Still, I had no trouble remembering the route, I was just a bit concerned about coming home, later, if it wouldn't connect again.

I left for home at 10:40pm, and to my relief, Google directions did connect.. I was doing fine, all the way to Kilcock, but then the directions took me through Kilcock - driving the other way, the route sort of goes around Kilcock..

I'd only ever driven through Kilcock once, in daylight, going the opposite direction, and at the time, without Google - I was taking M home, and she was giving me the directions. So, this time, I was relying on Google, not seeing the screen as I've no phone holder, just listening to the voice instructions.

After one turn, there was nothing, but that's how Google directions rolls. If you're on the correct road, and there are no turns, there's just nothing until you have to turn again.

I started wondering if there was something wrong as I felt like I'd been driving a while, and the road was way too good, and I felt that I should have made a left turn already, like, ages ago..

And, tada, I found myself in Maynooth!


When I was waiting at red lights, I had a chance to quickly check out the phone screen, and the route had gone grey, and Google was rerouting.. Well, thanks for that, Google..

I turned back, and stopped at the outskirts of Kilcock, to reset Google directions.. But then I sort of did a couple of extra loops around Kilcock as Google was giving me arseways directions, and Kilcock also has arseways road markings (seriously, go there in the dark, and figure it out..).

Eventually, I was on the correct route again, and the rest of it was familiar.

The last part of it (until reaching the bigger roads before Dunshaughlin) was very foggy, too, but at least at that point, I knew where I was going! =D

It took me an hour to drive home! (It only takes about 40 minutes to drive there..)

Anyway, totally worth it =)

I'm in love with their youngest kitty.. ♥

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

My mighty harvest

I think I'll make a stew.. πŸ˜‚ #harvest

Well, it was just a rotten spud I threw out, way too late in the year.. =)

Sunday, 6 November 2016

I finally made it to Kilruddery Farm Market

I've meant to go and check out Kilruddery Farm Market for years, and finally did it, yesterday.

I was sort of expecting more crafts (based on what I'd heard about the place), but there was still a nice selection, and it was all good - nothing cheap and tacky.

Mmmm.. Should have had more cash..

I loved the horse mural =D

I hadn't had any breakfast, so this Galway Sausage (hot dog) was extra gorgeous.. (For some reason, the photo didn't show up on my phone at all, and I was so disappointed.. But I did find it, after transferring the pics to laptop!)

There were not that many cakes left, at the time, but we got a slice of Key lime pie, and a slice of blueberry cheese cake - note, the slices were originally twice the size of the ones in these pictures as I only took the photos after slicing both to share them.

Mmmmm, gorgeous...

Friday, 4 November 2016

Revamping my Springfield (The Simpsons: Tapped Out)

Revamping my Springfield.. #thesimpsons #tappedout #game

This is still my favourite game - I don't even remember how long I've been playing it! (Well, I could check, but I'm too lazy.. I started playing it, after buying the LIDL cheapo tablet, some years ago, and have since played it on a free Vodafone smartphone, and now on my current Sony smartphone..)

When I was working, I'd usually just play once a day - just before going to bed. However, I'm not currently working, so I play this maybe 2-3 times a day.

I've been revamping my Springfield, little by little.. Not that much left now, until I expand the city again, and get more buildings. (I also love the autumn colours, which come with the mandatory updates..)

I love it when they're all in the same place.. #thesimpsons #tappedout #game

I love it when you have most of the characters doing the same task, so when you collect the money, they're all in the same place, making your Springfield look really busy =D